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6176887761 is a directory of financial contribution opportunities that helps individuals & organizations make, receive, and inspire more financial contributions.




What is (also known as “FC”) is a directory of financial contribution opportunities. The financial contribution opportunities on FC range from investment opportunities, donation opportunities, products/services, & more! Some listings have 4 digit codes (“FC codes”) that are to connect directly to the financial contribution opportunity. Every listing on has a way to make or receive a financial contribution.

What is a financial contribution opportunity?

A financial contribution opportunity on is a link to something you can buy, invest in, or donate to (or receive a financial contribution from).

Can I list a financial contribution opportunity on

You can learn about listing on the pricing page to apply to list your link/opportunity on FC. Applying to list on FC starts at $7, if accepted, you can renew the listing every year for $7.

Is for Nonprofits? is not JUST for nonprofits, there are many types of financial contribution opportunities listed, from investment opportunities to products to buy. As long as you can collect some sort of payment or financial contribution online, you can apply to be listed on!

What are some of the benefits of listing on

Two of the biggest benefits are 1) Receiving your custom icon which can be used on any print or digital marketing materials to let potential financial contributors know (even if it’s their first time seeing/hearing about FC) that your opportunity has been approved by FC, your organization takes receiving financial contributions very seriously, that they can quickly make a financial contribution to your opportunity, & more. 2) Another benefit of listing on is being included in the search results when users browse or search topics related to your opportunity on FC. You can learn more about the benefits of listing on our pricing page.

Does take a “cut”?

FC doesn’t take a cut of the money generated from the listings. We make money from the $7-$99 per year listing fee(s) (depending which you choose).

Is like Amazon/Kickstarter?

Because FC doesn’t process transactions, we’re actually able to integrate with services like Kickstarter, Amazon, GoFundMe, etc and list the products, campaigns, etc within

What is a keyword on FC?

A keyword on enables you to show up as the first result for a search query & use custom characters in your FC link. For example if you own the keyword “Africa”, your financial contribution link will show up first whenever users search/browse “Africa” and you’d be able to use the custom links,, etc. You can learn more about keywords on the pricing page.

Does FC process transactions? currently does not process transactions. In order to be listed on FC, you have to already have a link that enables people to make a financial contribution to you. This link could be a Paypal link, Amazon link, GoFundMe link, Etsy link, Airbnb link, etc. If you need help setting up a way to collect payment, consult with us.

If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to consult with you & help you best leverage!

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