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45 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA, 02139

6176887761 helps individuals & organizations make, receive, and inspire financial contributions.

Financial Contribution


Learn about us Portfolio is a directory of financial contribution opportunities that helps individuals & organizations make, receive, & inspire more financial contributions. These financial contribution opportunities range widely from investments to donations or crowdfunding opportunities, eCommerce, stocks & much more. If you're interested in receiving financial contributions you can apply to list your financial contribution opportunity here. If you're interested in making financial contributions, search or browse categories on and be sure to report your financial contribution(s) on the site after you do with your own branded message to be recognized & inspire more financial contributions.


The mission of is simply to help facilitate & inspire as many financial contributions as possible. In March of 2018 our small team identified a unique opportunity to create a curated marketplace/directory for financial contributions with and the other names in the portfolio. Joshua Mendes-Yesufu initially created the portfolio (a portfolio of domain names) to sell to an investment or financial organization. Within 6 months, ideas started to emerge about how the portfolio could be used to have a larger & more fulfilling long term impact than from selling the domain portfolio and on March 28th, 2018 the first version of the that we know today was born.


“We vote with our dollars almost everyday.”

- Joshua Mendes-Yesufu 9/18/2018



  Joshua Mendes-Yesufu

Joshua Mendes-Yesufu

Joshua Mendes-Yesufu is a Nigerian-American computer scientist from Boston, Massachusetts. He founded (also known as in 2012 shortly after graduating high school. The company has been based in Cambridge MA since 2013 creating games, apps, and other custom software. On March 28th, 2018 spun out of and since then Josh has been allocating most of his focus on helping individuals & organizations make & receive financial contributions with the platform.

  Christina Herron

Christina Herron

Christina has a passion for educating consumers and potential clients about new tools to simplify and enhance their lives or businesses. With a sales and marketing background, she assists with Joftware's business development, strategic direction, brand awareness, relationship cultivation & more. She received her M.B.A and B.A from Clark University. 

  Sandrah Abbuah

Sandrah Abbuah

Sandrah helps with decision making, data analysis, & quality assurance / software testing. She graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with an Applied Math degree in 2015. 


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