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45 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA, 02139

6176887761 is a directory of financial contribution opportunities that helps individuals & organizations make, receive, and inspire more financial contributions. More info

Portfolio of domain names for sale:


Financial Contribution
Financial Contributions
Financial Contributor
Finanacial Contributors
Contribute financially
Financially Contribute

The following 8 domain names make up a domain name portfolio currently owned by Joshua of The names are being used to provide value to's users until further notice. The price to acquire these 8  domain names is currently $13,600,000+ non-negotiable. As the number of listings on the platform grows, the cost to acquire the portfolio  increases. Also the process would most likely take 1+ year to close completely because of our financial contributors and their listings on the platform. 

The Portfolio:









*These domain names and more make up the portfolio, the domains are currently being used by our premium users who can use any & all of them (simultaneously) with their listing(s) on this site for $36/year*

*If the portfolio is purchased before your listing expires and your service in interrupted, you'll receive a refund for the year*

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This audio clip is from Feb 28th, 2018 - when Josh was selling the domains that made up the portfolio and hadn't decided to build the platform yet!

Not interested in selling any one of these domain names individually outside of the portfolio as it could drastically reduce the valuation of the portfolio as a whole. However, licensing opportunities may be considered.

Know a person or organization that may be interested?

If you refer a buyer and they submit your email address on the form on this page as the referrer email, you'll receive a $750,000 referral reward if they buy the portfolio of 6 domain names. The buyer will also get a $20,000 discount on the domain or a donation to the nonprofit of their choice.


Types of organizations that may be most interested:

- Investment Management Organizations

- Crowdfunding Platforms/Organizations

- Humanitarian Organizations

- Nonprofit Organizations

- & more!


Contact for questions or more information.